On the off chance that you love the Far Cry gaming series, you will cherish Far Cry 2. It is one of the most incredible activity experience games and the best in the series. It offers huge loads of activities, extraordinary illustrations, and astonishing characters, alongside a fantastic storyline.

About Far Cry 2

Longways 2 is a first-individual RPG that puts players squarely in the core of the activity. Expanding on the staggering accomplishment of the first Far Cry game, it gives a lot of extra highlights to will holds with, as well all in all new land to investigate.

Presently, quite possibly the fascinating thing about Far Cry 2 is that gamers have the opportunity to finish missions in various ways. This makes the game with regards to substantially more than making an insincere effort, while there are a lot of cool fight scenes that additionally accompanied differed choices. Gamers assume the job of a soldier of fortune who winds up in the core of the common African conflict and should find his objective while making an effort not to get found out in the crossfire.

In any case, there is a tremendous scene to investigate in Far Cry 2, and in excess of 40 miles of the African scene have been reproduced exhaustively. Despite the fact that getting to realize this land can be loads of fun right away, investigating takes time and diminishes a little from the fight groupings. Be that as it may, when the fights do come, they are long and drawing in, and gamers who can stick it out through the more slow minutes make certain to have loads of tomfoolery playing Far Cry 2.

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The highlights of this game are as per the following:

Dunia Engine

It conveys the most reasonable destructible conditions, astounding embellishments, for example, dynamic fire and tempest impacts, continuous constantly cycle, dynamic music framework, and non-prearranged adversary A.I.


Experience the fieriness of the most practical fire at any point found in a computer game! Use wind and engendering to encompass and trap your adversaries. Get your Molotov mixed drinks or flamethrower and watch the fire-wear daily routine out of all experiencing creatures.

Open World

You can encounter genuine opportunity while meandering in more than 50km with practically no stacking. Never a game has given you such a lot of freedom!

Non-prearranged Artificial Intelligence

Be astounded by surgeons hauling injured fighters into a protected spot. Peruse dread in snorts’ eyes as your standing and in-game activities make them need to drop their firearms and run for cover.

How to Download Far Cry 2 for Your P.C.?

You can follow these means to download the game on your P.C.:

Step-1: Open the program of your Pc.

Step-2: Go to Google, and type Far Cry two on there.

Step-3: click on a site that shows up.

Step-4: You will find a download connect. Download it, and afterward open it. From that point forward, introduce the game.


The Far Cry 2 is the second portion of the Far Cry series. It is an extraordinary P.C. game as well. It offers heaps of activity, experience, and tomfoolery.

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