How to play the lottery above New88 is the destination of many people who love online lottery. So how to play the lottery New88 how? Let’s find out through the article below.

I. Lottery above New88 What is that?

We are all too familiar with the traditional form of lottery at direct number recording locations. Lottery New88 is a lottery played online by the house New88 develop. Instead of wasting time going to lottery locations to record numbers. You can buy numbers and play lottery online with just one account New888 same device capable of accessing the internet. How to play the lottery above New88 Similar to traditional lottery when winning results are also taken from special prizes from rotations of 3 regions.

II. Instructions on how to play the lottery above New88

You have two ways to play the lottery New88 That is: play directly on the website of New88 or through the app New88 developed by the house. No matter how you use it, you still need to have a lottery account New88, if not there, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the link leading to the lottery home page above New88

Step 2: Click ‘SIGN UP New88′ to get to the lottery account registration interface New88.

Step 3: Fill in all the information provided by the lottery New88 request. Note: Please fill in the owner’s information for the lottery house New88 will use this information for verification.

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code (OTP), fill in the captcha and complete the lottery account registration process New88. Next, log in to your lottery account New88 Go directly to the main website of New88 (if playing via H5 form) or application New88 (if playing through the app).

Next step in the instructions on how to play the lottery above New88 That is access to game portals and lottery game halls. Please click on the ‘LOTTERY’ category New88 to get to the list of play halls here. You can choose 1 of 4 game halls including: GPI VIET LOTTERY, GW Lobby, Lottery Lobby and AE Lotto Lobby. In different game halls, there will be different types of lottery for you to choose from to experience.

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III. How to play the lottery above New88 Big win from the house

We all play the lottery New88 Everyone wants to be the winner and receive huge bonuses. But that is not simple, it requires us to invest time and effort in research to bring good results. Always remember the above ways to play the lottery New88 down here:

download 2

– Choose a reputable, quality bookmaker with the ability to pay deposits and withdrawals as well as many lottery promotions. New88 is a lottery house that fully converges the above factors with 13 years of experience operating in the Vietnamese market and a large number of lottery players. Lottery at New88 The highest winning rate on the market is also applied, up to 1 to 99.5.

– Invest time in research and prediction to be able to come up with numbers with a high winning rate. If you don’t have experience and skills in lottery prediction, go to lottery prediction groups to learn more.

– Play with strategy and calculation, including in making betting decisions and managing capital. Map out a clear and meticulous playing route and strictly follow what you have set out for yourself.

Above is an article with instructions on how to play the above lottery  New88.

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