Actually, how to write the Northern lottery is not difficult, however, for newcomers, the correct way of recording makes them difficult. Understanding this, today 789BETs will guide you how to write the standard Northern lottery and the following easy-to-hit tips.

1.Instructions on how to write the Northern lotto correctly

Currently, the lottery in the North has 27 different prizes, lasting from the special prize to the 7th prize. The player’s task is to correctly predict the final pair of numbers of the jackpot or the numbers that will have. face in the lottery.

There are two most common forms of writing the Northern lotteries which are:

Marking: Pairing numbers in the traditional way, with 3 as and 4 as in

Lottery: Play traditional 2-digit lotteries, 3-pin lots, 2 skewers, 3 skewers, 4 skewers and spinning skewers.

In addition, there is still a way to write the Northern lotto in the terminal style, but it only applies to the online form.

There are many forms of scoring, so when playing in any form, there will be a way to calculate their own points. Each Northern Lottery ticket includes the following information:

Time: Not only tickets for the North, even the Central or Southern regions will have a specific date, month, and year.

Numbers: The lottook party will be responsible for recording the exact numbers that you predict it will return.

Playing form: With the way of writing the Northern lotto, the ticket will clearly identify whether you play the lot, play the game or play another special form.

Scoring: The total number of points corresponding to the sum of the children listed on the ticket.

Total Money: The total amount that you have to spend to bet on the numbers you predict.

Signature of the lottier: To avoid fraud, forging lottery tickets, in addition to signatures, many places also use seals.

Above is the most common way to write the Northern lotto. In addition, there is another point to note, in the North, the lottery person will identify you playing the lottery or the game based on the amount of money. Specifically, if the number to record money is to play the game, and the number to score is to play the lottery.

2.Revealing the easiest way to write the Northern lottery

In general, when playing lottery, everyone wants to be able to get rich thanks to this game. So, to be able to make money from here, you not only have to know how to write the Northern lottery, but also know how to study the bridge. Refer to the 3 ways below, to find the most accurate lottery numbers.

download 2

2.1 How to list standard lots

There are many different methods to win the lottery, but if the player knows how to combine many methods together, the winning rate will increase to the highest. Here are simple, effective methods that you can apply.

Choose the number of questions from the previous day, to catch the lot within the next 3 days.

Choose the middle number in the first prize result, use it as a breeding pair for the next 3 days.

Use the number of days and its number of balls as foosball, to play for that day.

Get the results of 7th prize, then match 2 numbers together, so there will be bingo to play for the next day.

The above are all standard batching methods, easy to apply, especially with high efficiency that you can use.

2.2 How to easily win the Northern lottery based on time

One way of recording the lot that many experts use today is “raising”. That is, you will raise the lottery number thinking it will return in a certain period of time. When done this way, there will be 2 cases as follows:

If the plot has appeared for a limited time, then it will normally not appear in the following days.

download 1

The batch will be able to return continuously for a limited time.

Therefore, when the lottery player places a bet, it is necessary to determine which method he is following. This will reduce the risk as well as increase the probability of winning many times.

2.3 Play fast

Playing quickly is one of the most popular ways to record the Northern lottery. Specifically:

First you will bet a small amount on the number that you think the lot will likely roll. By the next day, still follow the same number with double the amount of the first day. Continue, on the 3rd day will double the amount on the 2nd day,… Keep doing this until that number falls.

In case if you want to be sure to wear it, determine the time to bet that lottery number. During the first half of betting with a certain amount, when the last half of the time begins to play quickly similar to the instructions above. However, if you have only played for the first half of the time and the number you raise falls into the lottery, then you will stop raising that number.

In addition to the easy ways to write the Northern lotto like the methods we suggested above, there are many other good and effective ways to find the lottery, you can refer to more from your seniors.

So in the above content, we have learned with you how to write the most standard Northern lotteries, along with easy-to-hit tips. Hopefully, the sharing of the house will be really useful to the players!

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