Veronika Khomyn was born on March 1, 1990 in Ukraine, under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Her birth name is Veronika Nikolevaena Khomyn, and she holds Ukrainian nationality and mixed ethnicity. Little is known about Veronika’s early life. She is said to be close to her father and has studied fashion design at George Mason University. The actress and model is currently dating actor Sean McVay.

Originally from Ukraine, Khomyn was born in Kyiv. She has a degree in fashion design from George Mason University and has a social media following of over 50k. In her Instagram account, she often posts sexy pictures of herself and reveals glimpses into her private life. After meeting the actor, she voiced her support for Sean McVay, who is her fiance.

Veronika Khomyn is an aspiring model who has a famous boyfriend who is the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. She has been dating Sean McVay since 2016 and documented their relationship through her Instagram account. The couple recently tied the knot in June, and Veronika Khomyn has been posting pictures of herself in bikinis and recaps of their summer vacation. She is definitely hot!

Veronika Khomyn’s boyfriend, Sean McVay, has been supportive of her since she moved to Los Angeles. Veronika Khomyn wore a “McBae” shirt during a playoff game during the Rams’ 2018 Super Bowl run. Last month, she and Sean celebrated Valentine’s Day in sunny locations where she and Sean were able to get over the post-Super Bowl blues.

Veronika Khomyn is an attractive Ukrainian model. She is married to Sean McVay, a Los Angeles Rams head coach. The two share a lavish house worth over $2 million. The couple bought it together in 2014. It has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and is 4660 square feet. The mother of Sean McVay is an interior designer. These two lovebirds are a perfect match.

The two engaged in 2009 in France but separated before exchanging their wedding vows. However, they haven’t yet tied the knot. In the meantime, they’ve been spotted hiking together. The couple’s relationship seems to be on the rocks as Khomyn continues to gain fame in Hollywood. And in addition to her role in the movie Hard Knocks, Khomyn has been spotted on numerous television shows, including NBC’s “Hard Knocks.”

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