OkVip is a platform providing a variety of interesting entertainment services, especially in the field of Gambling. The unit owns the largest betting system in Asia with more than 30 million members from many countries around the world. Want to know more about nhà cái OKVIP hey, please refer to the information below.

About Asia’s largest entertainment group -OkVip

OkVip is a corporation specializing in providing and distributing diverse forms of entertainment such as shooting fish, lottery, card games, casino, … Previously, this unit was known as the nameTAIPEI101. Changes in business strategy and target customer file caused the corporation to change its name to OkVip as of now.

With the mission of bringing a rich and quality betting game system to every customer, OkVip  constantly striving for development. All activities of the group are carried out according to the criteria of fairness – transparency – safety.

Currently,OkVip has become the most powerful entertainment group in Asia. The unit is the official sponsor and operator of many reputable betting websites such as 789BET, Jun88,New88, Shbet,… With the number of members constantly increasing,OkVip It is a high-class entertainment destination for all bettors.

OkVip was born with the predecessor of a corporationTAIPEI101

The system of reputable bookmakers is being OkVip  manage

OkVip is a leader in online betting. The betting sites managed by the group are built in different styles, leaving a deep impression on the players’ hearts:

Safe bets at the famous 789BET

789BET is the leading betting brand in the entertainment market today. However, not many players know that this website is managed and operated by the corporationOkVip.

The site is perfectly designed with a trendy chic betting space. To meet the entertainment needs of customers, 789BET develops a variety of quality entertainment. In particular, with an extremely secure security system, you are free to play games for money without having to worry about any problems at all.

New88 operates strongly under the leadership of OkVip

It is a prestigious playground that has received extremely high ratings from the betting community, up to now. The house owns more than 10,000,000 registrations. The number of members is constantly expanding, bringing a betting forumNew88 extremely vibrant.

In addition to the new store of games that are constantly updated with features, New88 is also famous for the most expensive spending in the market. The house constantly launches attractive promotions, high bonus value. Every day betting and playing games here, you have the opportunity to receive extremely interesting gifts.

download 1

New88 – The address to play betting games to receive hot prizes

Shbet – The best online casino in the market

Shbet is also a betting unit under the management of the group OkVip. With a clear development direction, the website has an amazing growth rate that makes many competitors crave.

If you want to try the classic casino games with the most authentic and attractive space,Shbet is the perfect choice for you. The house has developed up to 13 different casino halls with a really beautiful and attractive human dealer system. Members are sure to have wonderful and unforgettable entertainment moments when visiting this unit.

The reason why OkVip Successful customer acquisition?

Currently, there are many platforms that provide online betting services. However,OkVip is still the number 1 choice of gamblers for the following reasons:

Legal operation with clear information

The transparency and credibility of this entertainment group is undisputed and has been proven over the years. Not only that, OkVip He is also a sponsor of many major tournaments in the world such as Sea Games 32,…

Arrive OkVip, all interests of customers are maximized with absolute security system. Services such as payment transactions, customer support, … are all perfect and are rated by users absolutely.

Provide a variety of unique entertainment products

In addition to sponsoring reputable betting sites, OkVip We also provide our customers with the following interesting products and services:

  • Review the bookie based on many different criteria with the most objectivity and honesty.
  • Constantly updated with the latest related news such as: Khuyến mãi okvip, new games, attractive bets,…
  • Synthesize a variety of the latest sports news, especially football.
  • Providing super hot 18+ movie services to bring new experiences to customers.


Unique entertainment products at OkVip

OkVip has been trying to develop into the largest multi-industry entertainment group in the world. All customer reviews are given great attention. Therefore, if you are passionate about online betting, you have no reason not to visit this famous unit.

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