What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing

The purpose of such marketing is to find partners who have sources of traffic. If we are talking about mobile affiliate marketing, respectively, the traffic, strategies, and tools should be adapted to smartphones.

According to a study by Statista, mobile traffic ( excluding tablets) makes up almost 59% of all website traffic worldwide. No wonder many advertisers are trying to reach such a significant market share.

Mobile Affiliate Marketing Channels

Today, there are several types of traffic channels for affiliate marketing on smartphones.

Text messages to smartphones are still a marketing channel. Smartphones support click-through links.

Social media platforms allow almost any type of content to be posted: text, photos, illustrations, links, video, and audio. And webmasters can easily profile their target customers based on the information social media users voluntarily share.

Advertising on mobile versions of websites works on the same principles as on the desktop. The only difference is that it must be adapted to the mobile version, be visible only to smartphone users and take users to mobile landing pages.

Most free apps are monetized by showing ads within those apps. Often the ads appear as a pop-up window or banner. They prompt users to perform a targeted action or download another app.

Affiliate Program Participants

Today’s mobile app development is a treasure trove of information for marketers. They store the necessary information about the location, age, and user preferences. This information can be used to create a clear portrait of the target audience and focus the offer exactly where it will be in demand, thus giving a positive result.

The affiliate program participants are the advertising party, the owners of the offer, the leads, and the affiliate programs themselves.

The advertising side has the traffic required by the offer owner: webmasters, game developers, marketers, seo roseville and social media Influencers. They place an offer on mobile versions of the site, in apps and games, and on social networks. Their task is to provide quality traffic to the client.

Offer owners are interested in attracting targeted traffic. In the context of mobile affiliate programs, they are often representatives of product companies, developers, and other vendors connected with the IT industry.

Leads are prospective customers who, in the future, may commit to a purchase. They find links, forms to fill out, or buttons to install apps on the advertising side. Publishers earn money through an affiliate program if they perform the intended action.

Affiliate programs involve creating a greenhouse environment for all of these actions to take place. They can be advertiser-owned or affiliate networks.

For mobile devices, the market regulator is only the service provider because it provides mobile data to users, so it decides what and how to advertise. The most significant source of traffic here is in-app traffic. However, apart from that, mobile versions of websites can also be a source of traffic.


A basic mobile affiliate marketing strategy consists of the following steps:

  1. Find partners in your niche

If you already know that it’s your mobile audience you’re after, then you need to look for partners where it resides. Again, remember the relevance of your advertising object and the venue where you are ready to place it.

  1. Do an analysis

Research how the customer learns about your offer and how it comes into contact with you at every stage. Think about what factors you can improve so that the TA responds better to your offer and makes a purchase.

  1. Be mobile-friendly

All content needs to be prepared for small mobile gadgets. For example, commercials, pop-ups, and banners have a different size than the desktop version.

Advantages of Mobile Affiliate Programs

There are many advantages of mobile affiliate programs. First, this market is now considered unsaturated, meaning competition is not as active. Meanwhile, mobile traffic is progressively growing every year thanks to mobile devices and mobile Internet availability. Thus, marketers have an ever-increasing audience.

Mobile phones greatly simplify technical interaction with customers; they can make payments, sign up for newsletters, etc., in the blink of an eye. Online shopping is no longer intimidating but is becoming the preferred shopping method. Mobile affiliate prices vary greatly, and it is always possible to find an offer to suit your pocket.

Affiliate marketing significantly increases return on investment and higher profits – it benefits both partners and business owners. This direction is actively developing, reflected in the number of affiliate programs and webmasters working there. Affiliate marketing can be a win-win situation for both parties – partners receive the benefit of higher returns and business owners see an increase in their profits. The field is constantly growing, with more and more affiliate programs popping up every day. Utilize Global Employer of Record to help find top talent from across the globe so you don’t miss out on leveraging this promising opportunity!

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