Quartz is a very popular option for flooring due to its toughness and stain resistance. Typically, quartz is ground into slabs to create quartz stone. The quartz is first ground, and then it is cut to the required size and shape.

Quartz has very diverse functions and application scenarios and is a good choice. Also, the cost price of quartz is usually much lower than other types of gemstones.

Quartz stone slab advantages

The use of quartz stone slabs as flooring is growing more and more common. There are a lot of reasons you should pick it:

Durable: Quartz stone is a fantastic option for flooring in areas that are subject to wear and tear because it is a very durable material. Quartz is also non-toxic, so your family and pets won’t have any problems with it.

Simple to Maintain: Quartz slabs are so dense that they don’t absorb liquids or stains as readily as other types of flooring do. As a result, cleanup is simple and only requires a moist cloth and some soap.

Energy-Efficiency: Quartz is a very energy-efficient material, making it a wonderful choice for rooms that need a lot of cooling or heating, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Cost-effectiveness: Quartz stone slabs are reasonably priced, making it simple to cover huge areas without going overboard.

Versatile: Quartz stone slabs can be used in a wide range of contexts, including residential and commercial buildings.


For these reasons, quartz stone slabs have become more and more popular. If any distributors are willing to invest, please feel free to contact BITTO for more details.

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