You must have been wondering, How do TV serials earn money? If so, then you are not alone. A majority of television serials have the same revenue model as websites. The producers must pay the channel to air their serial and earn money from ads displayed between episodes. They also have a contract with advertisers who pay to have their ads aired between serials. The more popular the serial is, the more money it will earn.

The television channels earn most of their income from advertisements and have several ways of doing so. For example, a show can earn up to 12 lakhs a month if it has a high TV rating point (TRP). Advertisers pay the channels based on TRPs to show advertisements on the channel’s shows. Moreover, they pay the channels for advertisements because the higher the TRP, the more money the channel will get.

In addition to advertising, TV serials can also earn money by sponsoring other content. HBO and Starz, for example, charge a monthly subscription fee. These companies can then approach producers to create original content. For instance, a show with a Pepsi sponsorship may have a Pepsi product in it, or it may appear in the background. This is called product placement. This type of revenue stream is extremely lucrative to the producers.

Other ways TV serials earn money include subscriptions. Disney+ recently partnered with Hulu to extend their subscription to their subscribers. Another way is by leveraging hype around a show, which makes the producers talkable. Another way for TV shows to earn money is by bidding for airtime. Once a show earns a high TRP, networks will bid against each other to air the series. Ultimately, this is how serials make money.

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